Meet Jarvis, The Controller Attachment for PS4

Jarvis is what we call our PS4 controller attachment. This little thing gives you extra configurable buttons on the back of the controller, as well as the rapid-fire modification.

  • Get an upper hand in FPS games with rapid-fire.
  • Adds 2 extra back paddles for fast reach.
  • Easy to use, just plug in and play.
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Rapid-Fire (Turbo)

Rapid-fire (turbo) mode will make whatever button you want be pressed automatically, over and over again. This means any manual weapon (like a pistol) can be made into a fully automatic. This is great for FPS games.

Configurable Paddles

Configure the 2 back paddles to any button you want. This is great for numerous PS4 games out there.

Jarvis Mod back
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Play & Play

Jarvis is easy to set up with your controller. Simply plug it in and it will be ready to rock in your favorite game! It is also wireless, so you won’t need any annoying cables connected.

Memory Function

When you unplug Jarvis, he will remember your attachment configuration. It’s saved in his memory.

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The overall use of Jarvis is very VERY good!  It lacks very few, if any, things. I love it and use rapid fire all the time in COD.

Mark Lance

The turbo rapid fire is awesome. I use it in Battlefield 1 to turn semi automatic rifles into fully automatic beasts. My XP is through the roof!

Roger Mason

Perfect for fighting games like Tekken. I mapped the back paddles to certain attacks, combined with the turbo mode I'm unstoppable.

Michael Anderson

How Jarvis Works

  1. Plug in the Jarvis attachment to your PlayStation 4 controller.
  2. Configure the back buttons to your taste, you can choose any button you want.
  3. Start gaming!
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